Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hamdan: Abbas is involved in a conspiracy to liquidate the Palestinian cause

 Hamdan: Abbas is involved in a conspiracy to liquidate the Palestinian cause 31-07-2013
Al Qassam website- Beirut- Osama Hamdan, a leader in Hamas movement, stated that PA president Mahmoud Abbas leads a serious scheme to drive a wedge between Gaza and Egypt, as part of a systematic policy to take revenge on Hamas movement.
Hamdan confirmed that Hamas movement has managed to get official documents to prove PA involvement in a conspiracy in coordination with US and Israel to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Abbas is involved in paving the way for an Israeli aggression against the Gaza strip, the leader in Hamas movement said.

Meanwhile, MP Ismail al-Ashqar, who is in charge of the security and interior committee of the PLC, called on Egyptian authorities to exercise caution regarding the fabricated information provided by the PA and Abbas.

He pointed out to the false accusations which are fabricated in Ramallah to implicate Hamas movement in Egyptian interior affairs.

These fabricated accusations have catastrophic political and security agenda that targets the Palestinian people and resistance through launching an incitement media campaign to demonize the Palestinian resistance, he added.

For his part, Ihab Ghussain, the government spokesman, condemned Fatah movement ongoing policy to distort the Palestinian resistance.

These attempts to involve our people in the Egyptian internal security events will not affect the historical relationship between the Egyptian and Palestinian peoples, said Ghussain.

He stressed that these fabricated stories only serve the occupation and cover the Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.

He added that the Palestinian people will prosecute those responsible for these crimes that target the Palestinian people and their interests.

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