Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Shameful Day for America

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D.

It appears that America decided to acquiesce to the Palestinian demand that in order for Israel to show “good faith” for starting the peace process, Israel must be required to release 104 seasoned terrorists killers with a long history of blood on their hands. The Palestinians need these people to go free as a condition to making peace?

Please see the extreme irony in this outrageous demand.

If the Palestinians sincerely wanted peace, wouldn’t they want those who are the most “devilish” destroyers of peace, the most dangerous and out of control wonton killers of innocent Jewish men, women and children to remain in prison and not be an extreme threat to possible peaceful co-existence?

If America was interested in making peace, wouldn’t it want the “best” sociopathic bomb makers and bomb detonators to be prevented from walking free, capable to exercise and perform their finely honed life destroying talents whenever they so please?

It is absurd and it is an abhorrent shame that American democratic Western values of justice and responsibility have not only been trampled and blindsided, but have been devastated and destroyed for total nothingness. This is one of the worst signs of American public leadership that all of our government decision makers will show the youth of America and the decent citizens of the world. The West was supposed to teach the world that justice matters. Turning justice upside down, reversing justice and responsible culpability for horrific human criminal failings only tells the world that the West has lost its soul and our once upon a time respected trust and integrity.

Please actively write the President and your representatives. Please let them know that America must not lead the world in congratulating, honoring and awarding murdering assassin terrorists for anything, including “peace”. The repugnant demands of America to free the killers, vastly destroys the fundamental values of justice.  This painful and reprehensible action makes a mockery out of the grotesque slaughter of innocent lives by those who are only being taught,  “why not do it, after all, even America will support that you will get away with it, especially if it is Jews who you murdered”.

Freeing and releasing back into society over 100 proud killers of innocent life is not the opening premise upon which a serious and real peaceful co-existence is built. How profoundly sad it is that the leaders of the so called “free world” attest and demand that freeing and honoring a large number of murders is a viable sign and a reasonable overture to peace? Plus, every freed murderer will be celebrated as a hero. Therefore, what does that make the dead innocent victim except a vanished memory?

There is something so fundamentally wrong that has happened to the minds of our elected leadership. Evaporating justice is a dreadful affront to the civilized world. Our American leadership cannot be allowed to ignore, to support or to tolerate this ridiculous and destructive decision which only throws mud on the face of peace and goodness.

Please don’t let silence and apathy blanket and cover up this action. Each Senator and Congressman must answer are they going to let this be their legacy? Who will stand against this and who will stand idly by?

This is a time to find your voice and let it be properly heard.
Daryl Temkin, Ph.D.
Israel Institute
Innovations Consulting

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