Monday, April 01, 2013

Email addresses of NGOs that support Miftah

Here is a list of email addresses of some of the organizations that financially support Miftah, which published a blatantly anti-semitic article on Wednesday. So far, they have not responded to numerous tweets, so here is a chance for you to do something that can make a difference.

Representative Office of Norway
The Anna Lindh Foundation Facebook
Oxfam UK Facebook
National Endownment for Democracy Facebook 
Secretariat for Consulate of Italy in Jerusalem
Heinrich Böll Foundation Facebook Arab Middle East FB

Austrian Development Agency
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland contact page  List of Twitter contacts
Konrad Adenauer Foundation - Palestinian Territories
International Republican Institute webpage contact
UNESCO - English media editor

I have emailed all of the organizations listed here and am waiting to hear back.

If you receive any response, please let me know.

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