Friday, November 16, 2012

Why is Israel not allowed to defeat her enemies?

Ted Belman
Many countries condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza. A few countries including Canada, Britain, Germany and the US support Israel’s right of self defense. With the exception of Canada, the latter go on to recommend restrain with a variety of words.

But no country encourages Israel to devastate Hamas and its rocket arsenal. When they support our right of self defense they imply that should the rockets stop, Israel should stop.

Why is Israel not allowed to defeat her enemies? Especially here where our enemy Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization. Does anyone demand that the US stop killing al Qaeda terrorists. On what basis does the US have the right to kill terrorist who aren’t targeting the US.

After 9/11 the world accepted that the US had the right to destroy Al Qaeda and remove the Taliban from power.

Hamas with its arsenal of up to 50,000 rockets within killing range of over one million Israelis, represent a much bigger threat to Israel than all the terrorists in the world represent to the USA.

Hamas started the war. Israel should have the right, and the support of the world, to finish it by defeating Hamas.

If the UN passes a ceasefire resolution, which it will, Israel should ignore it and the war on her terms.

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