Friday, September 07, 2012

Hamas Terror Tactics Threaten Both Palestinian and Israeli Civilians

Over the last 10 years, Hamas terrorists have launched more than 12,000 rockets at Israeli civilians. In order to avoid Israeli reprisals, Hamas terrorists use their Palestinian neighbors as human shields.

The video shows Hamas' tactics. Using its terrorists, Hamas places weapons and missile launchers in densely populated areas- knowing that the IDF won't target them thereby avoiding causing harm to civilians.
Hamas terrorists shooting from civilian center
Hamas fires rockets from school grounds, and uses mosques and hospitals for military purposes.

Hamas rockets
Gazan terrorists prepare to launch rockets toward Israel
The IDF makes every possible effort to target terrorists and avoid harming civilians. There were instances during Operation Cast Lead when the IDF diverted missiles after civilians were spotted in the line of fire.
In fact, the IDF’s civilian-to-terrorist death ratio is the lowest in the world. As the former Commander of the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Col. Richard Kemp, put it:
The UN estimates that there has been an average three-to-one ratio of civilian to combatant deaths in such conflicts worldwide. Three civilians for every combatant killed.That is the estimated ratio in Afghanistan: three to one. In Iraq, and in Kosovo, it was worse: the ratio is believed to be four-to-one. Anecdotal evidence suggests the ratios were very much higher in Chechnya and Serbia. In Gaza, it was less than one-to-one.”
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