Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Israelis Come Up With 2 New Ways to Produce Electricity

Hillel Fendel
A7 News

Two new Israeli methods for the production of electricity are on the table: Car-travel on highways, and a micro-turbine home system.

A group of investors succeeded on Monday in producing electricity from the travel of cars along a highway. The experiment was carried out on Route 4, between Haifa and Tel Aviv, and has already elicited great interest in the Israeli and international scientific communities. The investors have begun talks to install their technology on various highways throughout Israel. Prof. Chaim Abramovitch, chairman of the new company, told Army Radio that his system could provide the electricity needs of thousands of homes each year.

In addition, scientists from Ariel University in Samaria and a Russian research center in St. Petersburg have developed an environmentally-friendly home system that produces heat and electricity. The system is based on a ceramic gas micro-turbine. Israel’s Chief Scientist has dedicated a half-million dollars towards the project, which will be built and marketed by the CMT start-up company under the auspices of the LN Innovative Technologies Center in Haifa.

Metal turbines are limited in the amount of heat and electricity they can produce by the temperatures they can attain. The new turbine, fashioned out of ceramics and with a unique spiral canal structure inside the rotor, can reach higher temperatures than the metal one.

The turbine can be attached to a home’s existing gas and electric infrastructures, producing a free unit of electricity for every three units of heat. This enables the homeowner to receive both electricity and heat for the price of just the heat.

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