Thursday, October 03, 2013

Iranian President Turned Down Obama 5 Times

International diplomacy is a lot like dating. Sure you’re the leader of the free world and most of Europe and Asia would love to meet with you. But you want the Iranian dreamboat you can’t have.

So you beg and you whine and you stalk. And you send a million dollar gift just because the President of Iran took your phone call after turning you down 5 times.
Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s “charm offensive,” by his own admission, stopped short of meeting personally with President Barack Obama. “Before my trip (to New York), the Americans had sent 5 messages to arrange a meeting between me and Obama, but I turned them down,” he told the government-run Fars News Agency
“Then they raised a plan for a brief meeting, but I didn’t agree (with it) much; we didn’t disagree with (the idea to have) a meeting, but its grounds weren’t prepared,” he added.

During Rohani’s visit to the United States, the White House fudged on the issue of whether President Obama would meet with Rouhani.
“It’s possible, but it has always been possible,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said last week. “The extended hand has been there from the moment the president was sworn in.”
By “possible”, Carney means that Obama would ford raging rivers, cross steaming volcanoes and miss a golfing session to be able to spend some time with the Iranian President and hand him the Marvin Gaye mix tape he made for him.

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