Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ministers and Senior Officials of the 33rd Government of Israel 18 Mar 2013

 Government Ministers
 Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Public Affairs and the Diaspora

 Yitzhak Aharonovitch - Minister of Public Security
 Uri Ariel - Minister of Housing and Construction
 Naftali Bennett - Minister of Trade, Industry and Labor, Minister of Religious Services, Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs
 Meir Cohen - Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs
 Gilad Erdan - Minister of Communications and Home Front Protection
 Yael German - Minister of Health
 Yisrael Katz - Minister of of Transportation, National Infrastructures and Road Safety
 Uzi Landau - Minister of Tourism

 Sofa Landver - Minister of Immigration Absorption
 Yair Lapid - Minister of Finance
 Limor Livnat - Minister of Culture and Sport
 Tzipi Livni - Minister of Justice
 Uri Orbach - Minister for Senior Citizens
 Amir Peretz - Minister of Environmental Protection
 Yaakov Perry - Minister of Science and Technology
 Shai Piron - Minister of Education
 Gideon Sa'ar - Minister of the Interior
 Silvan Shalom - Minister of Water and Energy, Minister for Regional Development and the Development of the Negev and the Galilee
 Yair Shamir - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
 Yuval Steinitz - Minister of Strategic and Intelligence Affairs responsible for International Relations
 Moshe Ya'alon - Minister of Defense

Senior Government Officials
 Yuli Edelstein - Speaker of the Knesset
 Asher Dan Grunis - President of the Supreme Court 
Stanley Fischer - Governor of the Bank of Israel
 Lt.-Gen. Benjamin Gantz - IDF Chief of General Staff
 Yehuda Weinstein - Attorney General
Rabbi Shlomo Amar - Sephardi Chief Rabbi
Rabbi Yona Metzger
- Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi

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