Thursday, July 19, 2012

Attempted murder in Hebron

The Jewish Community of Hebron

Late this afternoon an Arab terrorist threw a boulder at a sixty year old man from Kiryat Arba as he began bathing in the Abraham spring at Tel Rumeida in Hebron.
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The spring, thought to have existed in the days of King David, some 3,000 years ago, is a popular place where people come to bathe, and purify themselves. The water is very clean and very cold.
Lately, Hebron youth have been cleaning up the area of the spring. Earlier today a group of boys built small terraces next to the spring.

Dozens of people bathed in the spring today, as a result of the hot weather. This afternoon, as the man from Kiryat Arba was getting ready to jump into the water, an Arab threw a rock at him from above, hitting him in the head. He fell on his back only centimeters from the water. He was discovered unconscious by soldiers patrolling in the area and taken to a hospital in Jerusalem. He is reported to have suffered a concussion and is in moderate condition.

The Jewish community of Hebron demands that this special and holy site be protected twenty-four hours a day. It is unthinkable that a Jew arriving to purify himself be threatened by terrorists. This ancient site is a place of purification for thousands of years, and so it must remain. We call on Israeli security forces to take all measures to apprehend the Arab terrorist who attempted to murder a Jewish man in Hebron, and to ensure that this site is secure at all times.

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