Friday, December 09, 2011

Islamic Madness—Are Arabs Stupid?

By Ari Bussel

Once the common belief was that Arabs are stupid. But they are not. For over a century they have tried to eliminate any Jewish presence from the Holy Land. They butchered the local Jewish population, let some time pass and always returned to their old habits. Much like the Pogroms in Europe, the massacres by the Arabs were consistent and brutal.

When the global community officially recognized the Jewish right to self-determination in their ancient land, the Arabs were outraged. They engaged in numerous wars, were driven, thus relentless, to achieve their mission at all costs. n 1973 they almost succeeded, and when success—so close in sight —did not materialize, they unleashed their anger on the world at large. The oil embargo that followed, and the world’s continued reliance on black gold for daily life, resulted in a fatal discovery.

The Arabs held the world by their pockets, literally. Every barrel of oil generated revenue, all of which was invested into spreading Wahhabism, supporting terrorism and building an infrastructure of evil. A small echelon flew gold-plated planes, occupied buildings not seen anywhere else in the world erected especially for them but their wealth did not benefit the multitudes.

The Arab world today is composed of young, mostly uneducated and unemployed, a fertile ground for discontent. The young became a breeding ground for hatred and the spread of new and more fanatic interpretations of Islam. Reaching a boiling point beneath the surface, steam had to be released.

This happened first in Tunisia then Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria. The old dictators of four decades were forced out. Middle Eastern tradition dictated it happen with much blood and fanfare. Butchering Jews or one’s own, the Arabs care not: The bloodier the scene, the stronger the stench, how better the result.

Add to the mix a pretty, blond American reporter raped repeatedly, as a crowd of men and women watched and chanted while some performed the sacred ritual. It was an act that proved their superiority against a defenseless woman, beating, molesting, sodomizing and raping her, and an endless lust for more. Much like the massacres of the Jews.

In the beginning the voices that blamed the Jews for all ill will were more subdued, the throngs were so overwhelmed with joy for their new activities. But soon the currents of blame were too strong to ignore: Israel is at fault.

Centuries of blood libels added to the mix while broadcasting 24/7 against Israel and the Jews drenched the psyche of every young man, woman, boy and girl. “Pigs and Apes,” “Occupiers,” “Evil-doers who must go.” It was madness fueled by modern telecommunication and a most sophisticated propaganda machine.

The world that stood amazed at the developments in 2011 (so-called “Arab Spring” or “Youth Revolution”) mistook the revolt for craving democracy, for an Obama-like-“CHANGE.” Except the only Change Obama ushered in was moving an even more dangerous form of Islam to the forefront. The only Hope now is for minimum casualties in the West.

Another US President, also a Democrat, similarly managed to promote radical Islam, and is solely responsible for the ascent of Ayatollah Khomeini to power in 1979. Now 32 years later, Obama has singlehandedly sacrificed President Mubarak on the altar of insanity, as Carter did the Shah, paving the way for the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another power has ideas of grandeur. Turkey wants to return to its former glory, an Islamic Empire.

Turkey, Iran and Egypt, each representing the gateway to a different continent, all intersect at a singular point: Israel.

Damn the Jews, had it not been for their determination to retain this tiny piece of land, we could witness the most glorious spectacle the world has seen since World War One. Iran, Turkey and Egypt, each once again an Islamic empire on its own right, striving for world domination.

And that is exactly the point. We are either witnessing the very formation of World War Three or are already immersed in it. It will eventually be viewed as the “Great Reformation of Islam,” the only question will be what the world will look like in its aftermath.

There is no doubt all these ideas of grandeur will be quashed, along with many millions, (tens? hundreds? a billion?) as well. This is a necessary condition for humanity to reemerge and continue to survive.

My worry is for the over six million Jews now living in Israel, this volatile point of intersection, and a like number living outside the Holy Land. They are the most despised species on earth (other than cockroaches perhaps), and the world is literally dying to rid itself of their presence. They are like a disease, in a world eager to cleanse itself of this menace once and for all.

Arabs are not stupid. They have been successfully brainwashed and immersed in such vile hatred they cannot comprehend sanity. The only prism via which they can see or hear anything is the one that blames the Jews for all the world’s ills.

Imagine how all those trillions in oil revenue could have been used for the betterment of the Arabs. All that was needed is inspiration and determination. The Jews succeeded, without any billions, in making the desert bloom, drying swamps and defeating malaria. They also absorbed a number of immigrants greater than their own, not to mention healing the ashes that remained after the Holocaust.

The Arabs chose instead the “easy” way. Why bother when it is easier to conquer and take over the providence of others?

Thus, like parasites they spread through Europe and America, from south to north, and in Israel they call themselves “Palestinians” and join hands with the Israeli left. Swelling to the point where they will completely choke the host, then—boom—both they and the host will die.

While Arabs have the patience to commit retaliatory measures years, decades and at times centuries after the fact, they refuse to understand what is good for them. Do they not see that eventually they will die? They do not aspire good (not for others, only for themselves), but for destruction.

If Arabs were not stupid, they would turn away from hatred into construction, education and research. If Arabs were smart, they would channel their immense resources and energies into bettering the world, not spreading lies and blood libels, hatred and death.

But apparently they do not seek these goals, and so we will all pay the price. They may not exist at the end, but we are bound to go down with them.

Maybe it is our fault also, for allowing them to spread and not stopping them sooner. Perhaps we are not as smart as we believe for if we were, then we undoubtedly would have already been retaliating rather than encouraging, fighting rather than cooperating and enabling.

In Judaism one is to spread love and glorify the Lord. What exactly is Islam doing for its believers? Digging a mass grave. Clearly, not the same God, nor any similarities. Nothing in common. One ideology believes in the sanctity of life, the other is a death cult.

The world needs to awaken, else when it does, it will be smeared in blood and the cries of the raped and wounded. Can we afford another world war that each day seems more inevitable?

The series “Postcards from America—Postcards from Israel” by Ari Bussel and Norma Zager is a compilation of articles capturing the essence of life in America and Israel during the first two decades of the 21st Century.

The writers invite readers to view and experience an Israel and her politics through their eyes, Israel visitors rarely discover and Israelis often ignore.

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