Thursday, October 06, 2011

PA Ambassador in Brazil: "Israel Must Disappear" -

Azevedo (Veja-Brazil [in Portuguese])
Imagine the scandal if an Israeli diplomat said: "The Palestinian Authority should disappear." On Friday, Alzeben Ibrahim, the Palestinian ambassador in Brazil, told a group of university students that "Israel should disappear."
"And this is not the ambassador of Iran or President Ahmadinejad who is speaking."
Thus it was evident that he did not mean Israel must disappear from the West Bank, but wiped off the map as Ahmadinejad preached.
Hamas also believes that Israel must disappear. The writer is a widely-read columnist for the largest magazine in Brazil.

Comment: This is an ever increasing mantra being played in the public arena by so-called Palestinian officials. There have been no retractions of any of the previous similar statements. One can conclude that this is the official policy of the group desiring sovereign status. Now, the UN and the countires supporting such elevation of terrorism should be held accountable. This behavior should be shouted, stated repeated and repeated until the Western countries finally secure a back bone and redress this group of evil individuals.

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