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Chana G.

The outside world is constantly fed propaganda regarding Israeli discrimination against Arabs, that they are not permitted to travel on certain roads. The truth is that they have access to most main thoroughfares. While they may travel all others there are a mere 57 KM of roads to which the Arabs have not access - for security reasons. In contrast, Jews are forbidden from peaceful access to holy sites like Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem. Another example is the Muslim decree against Jews uttering a prayer when visiting the Temple Mount, the site of our two ancient Temples. Here are two examples: A 76-year-old religious Jewish man touring the site needed to drink water and, before taking a sip, he said the blessing, at which point he was arrested!! Another recent incident took place when a bearded Jew preparing to ascend was forced to leave his water bottle behind lest he dare say a prayer before drinking!!

One might ask who is doing the arresting? In order to maintain 'peace' and to prevent any incidents, Israeli police are stationed on the Temple Mount. Two are on guard - to prevent the utterance of a blessing by Jews!! Should anyone ( G-d forbid - oh! maybe one is not even permitted to say that !) of the Jewish faith dare to speak the name of the Creator, his/her 'crime' is arrest-worthy. A less modestly dressed non-Jew would not be treated in this way. This is beyond shameful - that the Israeli government yields to such Muslim racism.

While Israel is constantly pressured to 'make concessions to the PA -like removing roadblocks in the interest of peace", little attention is given to the reason for the restrictions in the first place.

Here is a report of but one of the nearly daily 'incidents' that have taken a toll on the lives of Jews - long before 1948. Young families are torn apart, children lose parents, parents lose children, and the nation grieves for each and carries on.

These 'incidents' are hardly reported outside of Israel. Several years ago, Tali Hatuel - nine months pregnant with a son - was driving her car, accompanied by her four young daughters, when she was shot by Arabs terrorists who then approached her car and, to make sure that they had accomplished their goal, repeatedly shot Tali and each of her children in the head. Tali's husband, David, lost his whole family in a split second.

Earlier this year, five members of the Fogel family - parents, two of their sons. and their three month old infant daughter were slaughtered on a Friday evening, leaving orphaned a pre-teen daughter and two small sons. The two Arab murderers were caught and expressed regret at not knowing that there were two additional little boys in the house who might have shared the fate of their three siblings and their parents! This is terrorism!!

Add the following to the list:

From Arutz 7 - Oct.7, 2011

6. ISA, IDF Capture Palmer Murderers
by Elad Benari ISA, IDF Capture Palmer Murderers

It was cleared for publication on Thursday that the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and the IDF have arrested two Arab terrorists from the Halhoul area, north of Hevron, who admitted to having thrown the rock at the vehicle driven by Asher Palmer on September 23.

The car overturned from the impact of the rock, killing Palmer and his infant son Yonatan.

At first, it was reported that the two were killed in a car accident caused by human error and not by a terror attack. This determination was made despite evidence that at first failed, for unknown reasons, to convince police that terrorists may have been involved: a hole in the front windshield of the car, a massive rock found in the front seat with human blood on it, a tear in fabric of the steeling wheel cover and dust indicating a blow from the rock, and damage to Asher Palmer's face suggesting an impact unrelated to the crash.

An autopsy and a CT scan of Asher Palmer’s face showed evidence of facial fractures caused by a rock, causing authorities to determine that the accident was a terror attack.

The Palmers were subsequently recognized by the Defense Ministry as victims of terror.

As part of the investigation, three other Palestinians Authority Arabs were arrested, and admitted that after the attack they approached the car and stole Asher Palmer’s handgun. The gun was seized by the authorities during the investigation.

The ISA said on Thursday that the investigation is still under way and put a gag order prohibiting publication of the identity of the detainees, as well as any other details of the investigation.

MKs Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz and Uri Ariel of the National Union party welcomed the news of the terrorists’ capture and said: “We praise the security forces for the quick action to capture these vile murderers.”

“This is proof that the phenomenon of rock throwing that has recently overtaken roads in Judea and Samaria is not negligible acts by Arab children, but rather Arab terrorism whose declared aim is murder of Jews,” they added.

“This new and lethal operation system requires the IDF to act to eradicate this phenomenon with all its might, and even consider a ban on Arab travel on some roads in order to ensure the safety of Jewish residents,” concluded Katz and Ariel.

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