Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Roger Cohen Plays Dumb

My Right Word

Iran apologist and all-around ASHamed Jew, Roger Cohen, tries to further isolate Israel.

He also seems to lack translation skills for he writes about the UN Palmer Report on the flotilla affair of last year, when Turkish terror-supporters attempted to kill Israeli soldiers who were engaged in a legal act, so:
My rough translation of its conclusion would be this message to Israel: You had the right to do it but what you did was way over the top and just plain dumb.

Cohen, roughage is something you really need to get rid of.

He never misses an opportunity to misinterpret anything to do with Israel.

He further asserts

Israel, increasingly isolated, should do just that. An apology is the right course and the smart course. What’s good for Egypt — an apology over lost lives — is good for Turkey, too.

Mr. Cohen, by the way, when has Turkey apologized for the Armenian Massacre? Wasn't that just a bit heavy-handed and disproportionate?

Comment: Of course these kind of people never answer the obvious questions as they have no defense and know it to be so. This simply discredits them as having any journalistic integrity.

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