Sunday, July 31, 2011


Perhaps it's time to tell the Turks -"throw in your Turkish towel!"
That country's leader's tone of late might be described as fou -l ! (pronounce 'fow-el')
Apologies again in order - on and on and on
Demanding from the Turkish 'PM' ( pee-em) Recip Erdogan!

Pending though, a longtime word of Turkey's deep regret
For murder of Armenians - an act they won't forget ~
Nigh hundred years have passed and yet that horrible event
Has been on the agenda of Armenian discontent! "No, no,' has been the Turks' response - "that history is wrong !
And land that they demand returned -another battle song!
We like the lands we occupy - like Cyprus -in the north ~
We've even brought more of our folks and there we'll stay henceforth!"

And who'll forget another sign of Turkey's gallant 'charm':
That Israel apologize or face more Turkish harm ~
How dare a country board a ship with 'quiet peaceful' folk ?
It's obvious that it was done with purpose - to provoke!

It's time to tell the Turkish guys it's time that they got real
Apologies are not enroute - 'cause that's not what we feel!
Get over it and quit this talk - we will not acquiesce!
Enough we've had of 'meshugass' - it's your own 'sorry' mess!

July 30,2011

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