Friday, June 19, 2009

Hillary: Total settlement freeze "important and essential" step for Israel

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But Lieberman refused. Good for him. Why the Obamaite obsession with the settlements? Who has ever said that the anger the Palestinian Arabs have toward Israel was caused by the settlements? They are just another pretext to justify jihadist bellicosity, and when they are gone, another pretext will arise. Obama apparently never heard of the jihad and Islamic supremacism, despite all his vaunted knowledge of Islam, but he should at least have the minimal historical memory to recall that a few years ago the anger the Palestinian Arabs had toward Israel was all about the "occupation" of Gaza, and the withdrawal from Gaza was supposed to be an important sign of Israeli good will and desire for peace, ushering in a new era of cooperation and mutual trust. Instead, as predicted here, Gaza became a base for renewed jihad attacks against Israel. And once the pretext of the Gaza "occupation" was removed, the jihadists found a new pretext for their continued war: the settlements.

Meanwhile, think also about what Hillary and Obama are not saying. Clinton "said that a total settlement freeze was an 'important and essential' step toward achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians." What did she not say was an "'important and essential' step toward achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians"? She did not say that the Palestinian Arabs had to recognize Israel, or cut out the genocidal rhetoric, or stop teaching jihad and Jew-hatred to their children. She didn't say that Iran had to stop its nuclear program and likewise cut out the genocidal rhetoric against Israel. No, she has remarked on some of that in the past, but apparently none of it is as "important and essential" as making sure that Israel stops the growth of the settlements. The Palestinian Arabs, as always, need do nothing but continue on their vile path of hatred and violence, and as long as the Israelis make enough concessions, lo! Peace will eventually dawn.

"Lieberman repeats refusal to 'strangle' settlement growth," from Haaretz, June 18 (thanks to James):

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman reiterated Thursday his refusal to completely halt West Bank settlement expansion, following a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Speaking of the chances of continued talks with the Palestinians, Lieberman said that "anyone who, from the get go, wants to do a contract the way you would do with a lawyer with 200 pages for every comma"

"Everything has to be instilled on mutual trust, we aren't fooling anyone, we're not going to change the demographics in Judea and Samaria and change existing settlements - we will not have our own people strangled."

On Wednesday the Foreign Minister had met Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and said that Israel could not accept the Obama administration's demand to "completely" halt activity in West Bank settlements, reiterating the issue of natural growth.

"Everywhere people are born, people die, and we cannot accept a vision of stopping completely the settlements. We have to keep the natural growth," Lieberman said.

That comment came after Secretary Clinton had said that a total settlement freeze was an "important and essential" step toward achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Clinton also said that Israeli leaders have in the past shifted their stance on the issue, and expected the current government to evolve in the same way....

Is that a threat?

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